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Please Give! We're helping kids.

Updated: May 23, 2021

Mental health problems affect one in six children, and rates go up during community crisis like COVID-19. One of the strongest factors in protecting a child from these negative outcomes is a healthy relationship with at least one supportive, caring adult they can count on for protection and comfort and who will help keep life predictable. Mentoring offers powerful protection against the pandemic’s harmful effects.


We kept our mentors and mentees in touch throughout the stay-at-home order. Starting in April, mentors and mentees met virtually.


To provide social and emotional support to our keiki, especially after an entire quarter spent in lockdown, we extended our mentorship services into the summer. Mentors met safely with children once-a-week from June to July.


We want to continue to equip our mentors for next school year. High achieving mentors from each of our 9 partnering high schools have been chosen to receive career development training. We safely held two of these training sessions this summer.


COVID-19 has brought additional financial strain on many of our keiki’s families. To alleviate some of this financial stress, we raised over $3,700 to purchase school supplies for our partner elementary schools.


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