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Mālama Mentors

Mālama Mentors partners high schools

with public elementary schools.

High school mentors, who are referred to the program by counselors or teachers, demonstrate excellence academically, socially, and within the community. Once trained, they are matched with an in-need child. Mentorship occurs once a week and is split into three sections: 10 minutes of listening, 20 minutes of reading and homework boosting, and 30 minutes of playing. 



On Oʻahu alone, there were 150 Title 1 elementary school students in the 2023-2024 school year. Title 1 public schools are given federal financial assistance because 40% or more children are from low-income families. Many of the students we work with come from unsupportive or discouraging households. Some parents simply don't have the time to give their children any attention. A child that seeks attention needs attention. Mālama Mentors spend an hour each week with a child they are specially matched with--10 minutes listening, 20 minutes reading and homework boosting if requested, and 30 minutes playing. Through our program, these children can get special one-on-one attention with a mentor who genuinely cares for their well-being. These children crave and need healthy attention. We meet this need through mentorship. 


Mālama Mentors partners exceptional juniors and seniors in local high schools with disadvantaged kids in a nearby elementary school. High school mentors who are chosen for Mālama Mentors demonstrate excellence academically, socially and in the community. Students are interviewed and handpicked by teachers and counselors. Once trained, these high school students are carefully matched with a child in an elementary school and spend an hour a week with them giving their undivided attention. 



High school students apply for the program. 

Students are interviewed. The most qualified candidates are chosen by the counselor.  High school students are trained for one hour a week on how to relate to the elementary school kids they will be paired with in second semester. As a group, high school mentors are introduced to the elementary students.


High school mentors are specially matched with an elementary student who needs extra love and attention. One-on-one mentoring begins - an hour each week. High school mentors attend a spring bonding event with their mentees. Mentors and mentees attend an end-of-program party and a debriefing of Mālama Mentors. Seniors and fifth or sixth graders attend graduation. Lifetime friends are made! 

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Become a part of a brighter future today.

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