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Our goal is to provide 3,000 additional children with compassionate mentors by 2025.

We are a small 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in Hawai'i that facilitates partnerships between public schools, business, civic, and faith-based communities to provide mentors for highly vulnerable children. Since 2003, we have helped over 3,000 children. ​

Many of the children we work with are lacking stability in their lives. They may be experiencing homelessness, constant moving due to military placement, inadequate education, incarcerated family members, single-parent homes, drug/alcohol abuse, food insecurity, language barriers, cultural differences, discrimination, and few resources/assets. Some students we work with experience bullying or ostracization from peers. These students are referred to our program with the help of teachers and counselors, who believe the child could benefit from the personal attention from a mentor who truly cares for their well-being.  


The structure of our mentoring sessions is one-to-one. During the school year, mentors commit to meeting with a student for one hour, once a week at a designated location. 

We are supported by the state of Hawaii Department of Education Superintendent, and we received the Partnership in Education Award in 2007. 

Letter from the Executive Director

Aloha Common Grace ‘ohana,


Our mentors and students were meeting online every week for the first three quarters of this school year. Although it was challenging, students were happy they could talk to someone who would lend a compassionate ear. 

In the last quarter, mentors and students finally were able to meet each other face-to-face! Our students were in awe of the physical presence of their mentors. Their mentors were tall! Their mentors were nice! They were funny and cool! Mentors and mentees could finally play Connect 4, football, basketball, and tag in person. They could look each other in the eyes and read each other's body language. It was amazing to see. 

We recently celebrated each school's last day of mentorship with parties, food, and farewells. But because our students were so sad to see their mentors go, we decided to extend our mentorship services into the summer with our SomeBuddy Cares program once again. This summer, parents may sign up their child for mentorship services, as needed. Mentors or "Buddies" will have the freedom to choose appropriate activities to do with their students. 

We hope you have a wonderful summer. Stay cool and stay safe! 


Aries Jackson  |  Executive Director

Our Staff

Aries Jackson

Executive Director

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Program Coordinator

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Outreach Coordinator

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Administrative Assistant

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Communication &
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