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Strong Collaborative Relationships


Common Grace prides itself in its collaborative relationships with the business, civic, and faith communities on O’ahu who have similar goals. We know that a community becomes stronger, not by the work of one, but many.

By working together, we can make Hawai‘i a better place to thrive. For us, for our keiki, and for future

generations to come.



Common Grace is excited to partner with businesses who can provide caring and dedicated mentors.  Volunteerism in the workforce is critical in team building, employee satisfaction, and social responsibility. We believe that children will learn the value of work ethic, responsibility, self-discipline, and motivation from our business partnerships.  We also welcome business sponsors who align with our vision and goals for the community.



Common Grace is always looking for mentors who care for their civic responsibility and investing in future generations of Hawai'i.  We believe partnerships with civic organizations will foster growth, trust, and hope within communities. Their meaningful involvement will result in impactful change for the State of Hawai'i. 



Common Grace partners with Christian churches to recruit dedicated and trustworthy mentors that care for kids through one-on-one mentoring. Since 2003, Common Grace has partnered with over 100 churches. We provide training and background checks for mentors. All mentors are trained to respect the division between the church and state while on school grounds.  

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