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Common Grace's First Intern EVER! (not to mention our first ever blog post)

This summer, I was blessed to have the opportunity to intern at Common Grace. As an intended Business major, I had always pictured myself interning at a professional business organization, but my internship at Common Grace was definitely unique and unlike what I had imagined.

I still remember how welcoming my mentors — Jay, Aries, and Jackie — were the first time we met. They created a very pleasant environment for me, and I immediately felt very comfortable being with them. After getting to know more about them and Common Grace, I was excited to learn about the upcoming projects that I would be working on. One of my first tasks, perhaps also the most substantial, was designing the Youth Grace brochure. It was satisfying being able to apply what I learned this past semester in college into something significant and impactful that would be appreciated by others. Throughout the next few weeks, I also helped to prepare training materials, provided feedback for the website, put together donation letters, and organized the mailing lists. I even had the chance to talk to some Common Grace mentors, mentees, and representatives from various organizations and learned from my mentors communication techniques and the importance of building relationships. From my encounters with my mentors, I could tell that they were all very passionate about what they work for, and I was truly fortunate to be able to work with and spend time with them. Though I was only with Common Grace for four short weeks, I treasured every moment spent with my mentors and gained a lot of insights from them that will be useful for me in the future.

My experience was truly memorable and meaningful. Not only was I able to give a helping hand to Common Grace, but I also gained new knowledge and wisdom from my mentors. My internship was definitely one to remember, and I hope to return someday to give more contributions. I would like to thank my mentors again for making my time at Common Grace unforgettable!


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