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From a Mentor to an Intern

Hello! My name is Ashton Sasser and I am the newest intern for Common Grace. I recently graduated as a junior from Kaimuki High School. With my time at Common Grace I have been able to express my ideas in ways of the things I do best. I work with social media and website platforms. I love to play around with my ideas in ways that connect with every audience.

I was first a part of YouthGrace through my high school when I first found out about Common Grace. During the first semester of the year I took part in an after school 12-week training every Thursday and during the second semester I began mentoring my little girl Jazzmine. We spent an hour a week mentoring and it was something I looked forward to. I would play games with her, read with her, listen to how her life was going and what things had changed since the last week. We connected so well over our love for animals, food, taking pictures, and making designs rather than actually playing connect four (neither of us could ever win). At the end of our time together, a few of the children came to see us seniors graduate from high school. They lei’d us, gave us gifts, and took pictures with us. I have never seen them so happy than they were that day. Jazzmine helped me break out of my shy shell and make new friends, but everyone in Common Grace also helped me as well. I thought I would be the one teaching her a few things but she ended up teaching me more than I taught her. I am happy to have this impact on someone at such a young age and be someone that she could always look up to.


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