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The key to a prosperous new year, C.A.K.E.?!

It's already February!

Happy Lunar New Year!!! Did January flash before your eyes, too?! New goals come with new tasks along with new routines. Have you found time for it all? With the array of new year possibilities, two things continue to be important across time and space, love & relationship. We are fresh out of the holiday season where we held our families close. Where do they stand now in this new year and this new you?

At Common Grace, we came straight out the gate with excitement for all that we will accomplish this new year! We shared our goals as a team and look to keep each other accountable. Here are three new things we've been up to:

  • We began developing a program where those who don't have time for one-on-one mentoring can still have a meaningful relationship with a teen mentor in their neighborhood.

  • Mohala Mentors have found much success with pairing Kaiser High School and Niu Valley Middle! We are busy recruiting and building up McKinley High School students to serve our keiki at Princess Ruth Ke'elikolani Middle, too.

  • We are also embarking on an adventure with a new partnership! We're teaming up with National Park Service, Trees for Honolulu's Future, Hui o Ho`ohonua (meaning Association of Deployment), and a few other non-profits in an effort to bridge the relationships built in our public schools with their local āina. Having a sense of place is important for young kids because it lets them know that they belong to the world around them. And, as you know, many of our keiki don't feel like they belong anywhere. We hope this is yet another way we can serve C.A.K.E. to kids in need.

There's a lot in store in 2022, and so much right at home, too.

In all this busyness, we were warmly reminded that this all wouldn't be possible without the power of C.A.K.E. and answered prayers. Our church partner, Kaimuki Christian Church (KCC), gave us a generous donation of $20k+! Woah! Thank you, KCC 'Ohana! We're excited for the new doors this donation is opening - doors to new relationships, new partnerships, and lots of C.A.K.E.

In the busyness of your new year, I hope you, too, are warmly reminded of the power of C.A.K.E. and prayer. Please pray for a focused, loving, and engaging team player to serve as Youth/Young Adult Pastor at KCC as they continue their search. Please pray for our mentors, who are continuing to relate gracefully to their child each week. And, of course, please pray that we can serve C.A.K.E. to even more children across our island!

With Heart,



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