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How to Share Common Grace in Your Church

Here are some things churches have done to celebrate and promote their outreach to the kids in their neighborhood elementary school:

  • Publicize weeks in advance so mentors know to be there

  • Preach about Jesus’ kindness to children

  • Introduce all mentors (active & alumni) – honor them – pray for them

  • Ask 1 or 2 active mentors to testify about relating to their special child

  • Invite the principal or counselor/coordinator from the school to come say a few words of thanks and encouragement (if a rep. from the school isn’t available on your date, it’s possible to capture his/her comments on video)

  • Recruit new mentors --- challenge your church family!

  • Set up a sign up table, hosted by your church coordinator, for after service

  • Have a definite date, place & time for the next mentor training workshop

You know what I’ve found to be most powerful and compelling? THE FACT THAT THE SCHOOL GETS TO CHOOSE THE CHILDREN. I don’t know which lonely kid will be chosen by counselors (with God’s guidance) to be my kid. All I can do is step out in faith, prepare my heart to accept and love the little stranger assigned to me. Hey, the Bible offers enormous blessings to those who welcome strangers (of any age). That little boy or girl may actually be an angel in disguise.

By the way, Aries, Jackie and I are eager to come to your church on Common Grace Sunday in a way that will fit the needs of your church.



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