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My first mentee

Dear Common Grace Supporters and Aunties/Uncles,

Please allow me to introduce myself! My name is Aries Jackson, and I am a new team member of your Common Grace. Prior to joining Common Grace, I was in a management position with one of the international businesses based in Hawaii. While I had a fruitful and successful career of over a decade in that capacity, I found myself in search for deeper meaning and true purpose in life. Many months of praying and surrendering to God for His guidance had led me to Kaimuki Christian Church and its wonderful organization of Common Grace that engages in a Godly cause of looking after the most helpless beings of all, the children.

I believe that God has led me to have a game changer in my life when I encountered Common Grace and learned about its mission for the deprived and underprivileged children of public schools in Hawaii. It all began when I first heard Jay’s sermon at Kaimuki Christian Church about the mission he has been faithfully pursuing though Common Grace. I was very moved. I did not wait a second before volunteering to sign up to be a mentor. It was exciting and I was anxious to find out who my first mentee was! I was blessed to be assigned to build a relationship with a very precious young girl in January of 2015. My mentee, Maylani, is definitely an angel God had sent me to look after.


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