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McCallen, The Man

I had the pride and pleasure of attending a piano recital last Sunday night. McCallen is so tall now. Not to mention talented! We were blessed to have each other as mentee and mentor when he was the skinniest and most impertinant Chinese boy in 3rd grade at Moanalua Elementary. That was 6 or 7 years ago. He was starting piano lessons way back then but, as I remember, barely picking out "Twinkle Little Star." How he has grown! The photo is me, sitting in honor on the bench of the grand piano on stage at Orvis Auditorium, UH Manoa. McCallen on my right and his brother, Truman, on my left. Truman also played beautifully. Please listen to all or part of my boy's piece. It's by Chopin. Duration is 11 minutes or so. I tried to hold the iPhone as steady as I could (and contracted the worst case of hand and arm cramps since I took MaryBeth Janger to a movie in 9th grade and kept my arm on the top of the seat behind her for 2 hours because I lacked the courage to rest it on her shoulders). Anyway—McCallen is The Man. Says he intends to be a Common Grace mentor in his senior year next year. I'm prouder of his heart compassion than his eye-hand coordination. Enjoy.


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